Stories are meant to be share

Stories are gifts meant to be shared. When most people think of gifts they think of big boxes with bows on them, but how about gifts actually coming from within people who have them, ready to share with others. I interviewed MMA Fighter Darryol Humphrey this weekend the special qualities he posses our for a … Continue reading Stories are meant to be share


College Football Foundation

College Football Playoff Foundation, Big Ten Continue Support for New York City Literacy Initiative Program designed to mobilize existing resources in neighborhoods in order to deliver reading opportunities for children. The Big Ten Conference and the College Football Playoff (CFP) Foundation are pleased to continue their partnership with Literacy Inc. (LINC) to support future programming initiatives … Continue reading College Football Foundation

5 Things I learned about being a Panther

With the holidays over, basketball has resumed first place for the Pickerington Lakeview Junior High Boys Basketball Team. SportzKelz visited their amazing school this evening and had the pleasure of watching some of their basketball practice while conducting candid interviews with 5 of the 15 athletes on the team and the coach. The overview of … Continue reading 5 Things I learned about being a Panther